Bells (Single EP)


My Compass is not bound
North nor South
It does not guide me to
Just one house
I do not serve the west
I do not kneel to the East
I was there when the Bells
Starting ringing

I saw the millions of Nostalgic face
I saw the atom
Exploding forms and hidden places
I was here before
Before the barren statistics
Before the talentless could hit this
Before the nuclear Mystics
I was here before
Sounding the alarm

Feel more than you do
Know more than you do
Care more than you do
More than you
Ruin These Streets

Ruin these streets
I have
Ruined these streets
Now in the
Dusty cars we meet
Dusty cars we meet
Dusty cars we meet
Dusty Cars we meet

You're used to
Guiding me through
Blowing my mind
Now tell me
Is this all over baby?
Are we through?
I'm not young
I'm not beautiful
still in love with you

What have you got?
What have you got
This time?
Or do I...
Need another lesson?
A partner in crime?
There's a link
Business all the time